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Should You Add TikTok to Your Campground Marketing Plans?

You know that social media is a valuable tool for connecting with campers online. Chances are, you’re already using at least Facebook to promote events and gather important reviews as a part of your campground marketing strategy. 

But it seems like every few months, a new social networking site appears! Younger audiences are more digitally tuned-in than ever. And, there is an ever-growing list of platforms they use: Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and now TikTok. 

As a business owner or operator, you want to stay on top of the latest marketing trends to boost engagement, but it’s so overwhelming to juggle them all. You simply don’t have the time to post on every social site— nor how to tell which ones are best to use for your campground’s marketing strategy. 

So, should TikTok make the cut?

Here are the pros and cons of adding the short-form video platform to your line-up:

1. Is TikTok Really the Future of Social Media Marketing?

Thanks to the near-constant fluctuation of the digital age, one thing’s for sure: the younger and older generations alike want shorter and shorter bits of content. With such busy lives, few want to read long articles or stream lengthy videos to stay informed or entertained. 

That’s where the video streaming and sharing app TikTok comes into play. TikTok’s short-form 15-second videos are easy to “binge-watch” in short bursts. Users can “TikTok” for just a few minutes of micro-learning or enjoyment, without committing to long-form content. 

While some see the new social media platform as a passing fad, reputable sources like The Harvard Political Review disagree; “it is filling a void in the online world that has been growing over the past decade for an authentic, communal, and adaptive social media.” 

Brands that wish to attract today’s younger audiences must meet them where they’re at. But is enough of your campground’s audience using TikTok to justify the time it takes to develop content and marketing around it? 

2. Is Your Audience on TikTok?

As of 2021, there’s no denying that the majority of TikTok users are of a younger generation. According to Hootsuite, 48% of TikTokers in the U.S. are between 18 to 29-years-old. Thirty to 49-year-olds make up about 20%, and 50+, roughly 18%.

This begs the question, how old is your average traveler? 

Taking into account that the majority of people using TikTok are older Gen Zers and younger Millennials, it’s important to note what type of guest you see on your property most often. If you have a lot of younger travelers, it may be a wise investment to post on this popular video platform. If not, your time may be better suited on other social networks. Here are some considerations when choosing the right social platform for your campground marketing strategy. 

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3. Do Your Guests Enjoy Video Content?

On your current social platforms, do your videos receive a lot of views, reactions, and comments? From Facebook Live streams to your Instagram Stories or Reels, if users are loving your videos on other networks, there’s a higher chance they’ll enjoy your content on TikTok too.

One stat from Google reports that 73% of affluent travelers (travelers that make more than $120k per year) would book immediately upon seeing a good video of a park! While a walkthrough tour of your property on YouTube may rank for searches, consider instead filming micro-tours of your property on TikTok to increase bookings.

4. What Could You TikTok About?

You shouldn’t TikTok just for the sake of posting. If you post dull content, it will likely be skipped and your hard work will be for nothing. Instead, chat with your team about video-worthy content ideas. For instance, if you frequently host events, is there a way you could build hype for upcoming concerts, games, etc. with short video clips? Could you make it personal by showing guests or staff having fun, with exciting music and effects (which are really easy to add inside the TikTok app)? What about showcasing popular attractions near your campground to get guests excited about their stay?

Take a look at some popular brands that are using TikTok in creative and interesting ways for inspiration for your own marketing!

5. Am I Tech-Savvy Enough?

Those not active on social media often fear the usability of picking up a new platform. The last thing you want is a complicated interface. Creating a Facebook Business page is about as far as you’ve gone, and all these video-heavy apps can be intimidating. 

Fortunately, all you need to make TikTok videos is a smartphone and a few creative ideas for what to shoot! All the “fancy” editing tools are built within the app and intuitive to use. See how easy it is to get started with TikTok business marketing here. 

More Campground Marketing Best Practices

Maintaining your social media presence is just one part of your greater campground marketing strategy.

In our Campground Marketing Best Practices ebook, we share a few more. Download your complimentary copy for more marketing ideas, today.

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