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Reasons Your Marina Management Solution Should Be Mobile

As a marina manager, you need the freedom to walk your properties, manage on the go, and easily access all of your information no matter where you are. 

This means that when your management system is static on specific devices, you lose the ability to be mobile and agile, often unnecessarily taking up time for you and your staff. 

Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be your reality anymore. With a mobile marina management system, you can monitor your property from anywhere, seamlessly integrate multiple properties into one central location, and even allow some of your team members to work remotely. 

Here are three reasons a cloud-based marina management solution can benefit your business: 

1. You can easily manage your property on the go. 

Mobile, cloud-based systems allow you to manage your marina from anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re behind a desk or dockside in a different state, you can access everything you need from your customizable dashboard, including: 

  • Slip reservations.
  • Real-time reports of the information you need to run your business and make data-driven decisions. 
  • Visitor information that helps you learn about your guests and their needs. 
  • Tasks completed by your team, including those related to your marina’s sustainability efforts
  • Any communication your team has had with the guest. 

In addition, you can utilize marketing solutions to attract new boaters to your marina. You can promote upcoming events, send out fishing season information, and more through SMS and email messaging to keep customers informed on local events and interested in visiting your marina. 

No matter where you are or what aspect of your business you need to manage, do it easily with the right cloud-based marina management solution

2. Your multi-property operations are immediately simplified. 

No matter how many properties you own, mobile, cloud-based platforms allow you to manage them while you’re on the go or on-location at another one of your properties. 

Your overall, multi-property business management is simplified using the right reservation management system — since all of your information is stored in one place. You can access a holistic view of your business while maintaining individual names, separate banking, unique logos, differing invoice layouts, and varying rules across properties.

By using a marina reservation system that integrates with a Channel Manager, you can connect your OTAs to update your rates and availability with just the click of a button, from anywhere. You also have the added advantage of scalability within your already-existing system for when it’s time to grow your business. 

3. Your sales and support teams can work remotely. 

Remote and hybrid workplaces are common in our new, post-pandemic world. Typically, with a marina that utilizes a system built into hardware, your entire team would have to be on-location at all times to do their jobs. 

But now, with the use of a cloud-based marina management system, you can allow team members more flexibility. Since you can access your internet booking engine, guest experience tools, guest marketing, and more from anywhere, you can hire incredible people no matter where they’re located. 

While not all of your staff will have the ability to work remotely, a mobile system allows you the flexibility to offer remote positions for some staff members. 

Find the Right Marina Management System for Your Property

Maintaining and advancing the competitive edge for your marina is more important than ever before — but it’s vital to find the right reservation and property management system. 

You need to make sure your platform incorporates key features, including: 

  • An effective way to communicate with both your guests and staff. 
  • Accessibility anytime, anywhere for multiple properties. 
  • Tools to help maximize slip reservation potential and increase operational efficiency. 

Access our guide today to discover how the right reservation and property management system can improve your marina. 


choosing the right reservation and property management system

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