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4 Challenges You Can Overcome With the Right Marina Software

Managing a marina takes dedication to provide visitors with a top-notch experience. The right marina booking software can increase your operational efficiency and free up your staff’s time so they can support your efforts to stand out on every boater’s marine radar.   

Below, we’ll explore the four challenges that can be overcome with the right marina software so you can grow your business one happy boater at a time.

1. Using Multiple Applications and Management Systems

Having various platform and application accounts to cover all of your operational needs can drain your budget. It can also be frustrating to keep track of multiple log-in credentials and software updates. What’s more, switching between accounts in order to complete specific management tasks takes up additional time.

The right booking software can handle it all — from one log-in screen. If capable, your software can be used to:

  • Manage your reservations
  • Set housekeeping tasks for your employees
  • Communicate with your boaters
  • Add custom integrations using an open API
  • Customize your dashboard to see marketing performance and more

Additionally, a multi-property management feature lets you view data from one, all, or selected properties in one place so you can make informed decisions in a timely manner.

2. No Access to Valuable Data

If you’re using outdated, internal software saved on your computer hard drive, it can be difficult to find valuable data such as booking rates during specific periods, boater space reservation history, and more. 

The right marina software can give you access to real-time analytics and valuable insights that you can use to make smart decisions for your business. This can include your revenue or occupancy rate as well as over 200 other reporting options that you can conveniently access anywhere and anytime, from any device.

3. Lack of Guest Communications

Without multiple touch-points, it can be difficult for your visitors to get the information they need. For example, boaters who have a special request need to call during business hours or they could be out of luck. Additionally, it can be challenging to send important information such as your marina guidelines and safety protocols reliably to everyone who has reserved a slip. 

If capable, your software can boost your communication abilities by providing multiple channels of communication such as:

Even features such as mobile check-in can improve the guest experience — without having to call or visit the clubhouse — by allowing your boaters to manage their reservations on their terms.

4. Decreased Booking Rates

Although revenge travel and other trends have helped keep marinas busy in many areas of the country, you may still suffer from decreased booking rates due to a lack of branding and personalization. Your current software — if not tailored to your needs — could be compounding the issue.

The right marina software solution can help maximize your bookings through features such as a dynamic pricing tool that allows you to preset guidelines so your rates automatically adjust based on current occupancy.

Another important feature is the ability for your system to integrate with online travel agency (OTA) platforms. Connecting with OTAs allows more potential visitors to see your offerings. OTAs have grown in popularity and are predicted to be a crucial hub for travelers looking to make reservations in the future. 

What’s more, OTAs can increase your direct bookings through the billboard effect: when visitors have seen your property across third-party platforms and decide to visit your website, therefore boosting your traffic.

The Right Marina Software Will Improve Your Operational Efficiency

Without the right software solution, you’ll face these challenges alone. A configurable marina software gives you the support you need to manage your property based on real-time data and boater communication options to enhance the guest experience and maximize your bookings.

Want to learn more about the benefits of marina software and the role it can play in leading your business to success? Download our free guide, Choosing a Reservation & Property Management System

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