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Maintaining the Guest Experience When You Move to Self-Check In/Out

As contactless check-ins continue to gain popularity, many properties fear losing the personal touch they once had with their guests during this experience. 

By checking in online, your guests never have to communicate directly with you or your staff. But you still have the ability to keep your guests engaged before and after they stay at your property!

We’ll be highlighting some great ways to maintain an excellent guest experience at your campground and discussing how the features of your campground management software can help you build great relationships with your guests

The Rise of Self-Service in Hospitality

Self-service in the hospitality industry isn’t just a trend, it’s an expectation. Especially amidst a pandemic, when travelers expect to have contactless options for their stay. But as you keep up with system modernization, how do you retain the guest experience? 

How To Keep Your Guests Engaged Before Their Stay

Before your guests arrive at your property, you have the opportunity to connect with them in a number of ways, including: 

  • Email them a list of services and amenities provided at your property, as well as any rules or regulations that they need to be aware of during their stay at your campground.

  • Encourage them to purchase add-ons and provide them with discounts, such as a package deal for dining, classes, or equipment rental. By providing them with more to do, you’re giving them more and more reasons to be excited about their upcoming trip.

  • Finally, right before your guests arrive, you can leave them a personalized message or gift for them to find upon arriving. Use the details you have stored in your reservation system to leave something particularly memorable for them to open with excitement. 

By connecting with your guests before they’ve even arrived, they know you’re working to create an incredible experience — made specifically for them. 

How To Keep Your Guests Engaged During Their Stay

Once your guests have arrived at your campground, you have a number of options to keep them engaged, including: 

  • Offering text messaging options for when your guests have questions or concerns. You can also use text messages to send them links to your menus, services, or other helpful information.

  • Sending them recommendations for local activities, restaurants, and more. Since most of your guests are likely coming from different areas, this is a great way to give them ideas of enjoyable activities to do while they’re in town.

  • Physically interacting with your guests. Whether that’s through walking around the property or joining in on a campground-hosted activity, this can be a great way for you and your staff to get to know your guests and serve as a “replacement” for your initial interaction. 

Keep Guests Engaged After Their Stay 

You don’t have to stop engaging with your guests just because they’ve checked out from your property. In fact, this can often show guests that you care about them and their experience. 

You can connect with your guests after their visit in a number of ways, including:

  • Sending your guests an automated survey after their stay. Mention how you appreciate all the feedback they have and encourage them to leave a positive review on your Yelp or Google page.

  • Encouraging guests to share their experiences on social media is a great way to promote your business. It’s important to mention they should tag your campground’s social media profile so you can engage with them after by commenting and liking any photos they post.

  • Providing them with deals they can’t get anywhere else. Drive repeat visits and encourage loyalty to your brand with a bespoke rewards program that enables guests to earn points for every stay. 

While this sounds like a lot to manage, the right campground management software can help you tackle it all, seamlessly. 

Using Your Campground Management Software to Improve the Guest Experience

Does your campground marketing software provide you with the tools you need to improve your guests’ experience? Here are some features you should consider: 

1. Powerful Marketing Tools 

Your campground management software stores guest info and data, in addition to enabling you to integrate different marketing tools. For example, you can use email templates to target a specific audience and send personalized messages to your guests. You can also offer SMS services and online chat to answer any questions your guests might have.

2. Interactive Features

Allow guests to see interactive maps of your property to get a better understanding of what to expect. This in-depth experience allows them to create a better experience for themselves based on their preferences.

3. Reservations Made Easy

Give your guests the power to manage their reservations. Allow guests to easily access and update their booking, redeem offer codes, and choose mobile self-check in/out features for the ultimate convenience. 

Marketing For Your Campground: The Webinar

In addition to these features, there are a number of tools your campground management software should include to help you improve reporting and marketing for your campground

Gain actionable insight on current marketing best practices you can implement today. Watch the webinar now! 

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