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How to Get Started Making TikToks and Reels for Your Property

There’s no doubt that almost any brand can benefit from maintaining an online presence; campgrounds and RV parks are no exception. But with so many different social media platforms, it can be challenging to engage with them all. 

But there’s one thing you can’t ignore… social media channels are rapidly prioritizing short-form content. Social networks like Instagram and TikTok are alive and booming, especially for the younger, traveling generations. People are taking incredible videos of their getaways — and it’s up to you to keep up with these important digital trends. 

If you’re thinking about starting a TikTok or Instagram account for your property, here are a few steps for getting started with your short-form videos:


1. Determine if TikTok or Instagram Are Good Social Platforms for Your Business

In today’s modern age, it seems like there’s always a new social media platform to learn. You’ve heard of TikTok or maybe even seen the videos shared on other networks, but is TikTok really here to stay? And even if it is, is it something you want to incorporate into your campground or RV park’s marketing strategy?

According to Hootsuite, 48% of TikTokers in the U.S. are between 18 to 29-years-old — meaning almost half of its members are younger. Thirty to 49-year-olds make up about 20%, and 50+, roughly 18%. Consider the age of your average traveler and ask yourself if it’s relevant to adopt this new platform based on your target demographic. For Instagram, more than half of the global user population is 34 years or younger, according to Statista. Do your customers fall into this age range? If you attract younger campers, these may be worthwhile social networks to manage.


2. Strategize What To Post

The hardest part about creating TikTok videos or Instagram Reels is deciding what to record and post. While it might seem intimidating to shoot multiple videos a week, remember: these are short clips. TikToks and Instagram Reels are usually only 15 seconds long!

Think of all the exciting things you could highlight in just a few seconds around your property. And remember, you are selling a lifestyle — camping or RVing — not just your facilities. Showcase clips of crackling campfires and roasting hotdogs on the open grill, or guests pitching tents or relaxing in hammocks. Capture all the amazing views of local attractions, or videotape guests enjoying their favorite activities like hiking or fishing. You want to create a sense of travel envy and excitement. Don’t forget to utilize your staff and get them in front of the camera, too, talking about on-site fun or behind-the-scenes secrets. 

Remember to stay on-brand with your tone of voice across your other platforms too. If you’re funny on Facebook, post goofy videos of games or camping puns and carry that same energy over to TikTok and Instagram. Don’t forget to stay on trend by adding popular music to your clips as well.


3. Decide Your Posting Schedule & Stick to It!

There are tons of statistics out there about the “perfect” posting schedule. While there are many recommendations for the right number of TikToks or Reels to post a week and when to launch them, don’t worry too much about these exact details as you’re first getting started. 

Your primary focus is improving the guest experience on your property, and if you jump into a strict posting schedule from the start, you’re more likely to neglect those duties. Instead, set a realistic goal, like two videos on each platform a week. If that seems like too much, trust your gut. Just think about what is realistic for your team to do and stick to it.

The most important thing to avoid doing is starting to post and then letting it drop off out of nowhere. Your followers (and maybe future guests) will likely lose interest if you don’t create content regularly or if you drastically change your posting cadence. Build brand trust by staying consistent, even if consistent only means one video a week until you get in the swing. 


4. Find and Get Found With Hashtags

Once you get the hang of posting to TikTok and Instagram Reels, you’ll want to make sure your content is being seen. 

One sure way to expand your reach on the two platforms is to use the right hashtags. For instance, do some research on travel-specific terms like #TikTokTravel or #Travel[insert your country or state]. You can follow other popular travel industry leaders on these social media sites as well to see what types of hashtags they commonly use in their posts. 

Don’t forget about the power of user-generated content. Encourage your guests to tag the videos and photos they post with a specific hashtag so you can monitor niche tags and reshare their content. 


5. Always Remember to Engage

The entire point of creating these social media accounts is to engage with your audience and drive new interest in your campground or RV park! You can’t just make content and not interact with online users if you hope to grow your reach. 

Whenever someone comments on a video, be sure to respond back. You can also play nice with other travel-related brands by commenting on their posts. Lastly, be sure to follow your brand’s hashtags, so you get an alert when someone uses it in a  post, giving you an opportunity to comment. 

Keep in mind that broadening your online presence takes time. It could take months or even years to build the right community; however, once you have them, they will continually share your content and get you the eyes and ears you seek, with little lift. Be patient and persistent — and remember that it’s a two-way street: engage and be engaged with! 


More Marketing Best Practices

Starting the TikTok or Instagram marketing journeys can seem intimidating, but like anything in life, it’s important to take it one step at a time.

If you’re looking to expand your marketing efforts, we’ve got the perfect listen — just for you. In our Campground Marketing Best Practices webinar, we’ll discuss where to distribute your marketing assets, as well as tools to create a seamless marketing plan for getting started.

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