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How the RMS PMS Improves the Employee & Guest Experience

A hotel property management system (PMS) can undoubtedly help you streamline your operations. But anyone who has ever migrated solutions knows what a hassle it can be. You must first choose the best PMS to replace it with— a stressful decision in and of itself— but then also make the switch as painlessly as possible for your team and guests. 

Because it can be disruptive, you want your new property management system to last for many years to come, and it’s critical to get it right the first time. When on the hunt for a new system, be sure to look for a PMS that improves both the guest and employee experience equally— like our solution here at RMS.

Here are a few ways our hotel property management system serves both customers and your team: 



PMS Features for Guest Experience

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Hoteliers know that above all the guest experience matters the most. That’s why our hotel management software includes so many core features to serve your valued guest, specifically.

Convenient Self-Service Check-In

In today’s modern age, guests want convenience. They want to avoid the long lines, walk up to the front desk, get their keys, and be on their way to their room— hassle-free. With RMS’s self-service check-in, guests can forego the minute details while your front desk personnel can focus their attention elsewhere. Because guests are handling their own check-in, you can also reduce mistakes and missed details, which can lead to unhappy guests.

Integrated Guest Marketing Tools

Not every hotel management software takes your marketing into consideration. With RMS, we know that communication and branding are key to your property’s success— which is why we integrate marketing tools directly into your platform. Our PMS makes it easy to create and disperse marketing emails and promote them on social media. RMS comes with several built-in email templates and a custom email builder with the ability to segment your database to target specific audiences. These marketing materials keep travel top-of-mind for guests and can even act as powerful catalysts for your hotel’s operational growth by encouraging reviews or guest surveys.

Consolidated Communication Channels

After a guest books accommodations, how are you communicating with them before, during, and after their stay? Some hoteliers don’t have the technology in place to make reaching out easy or automated, and guests are forced to play phone tag with the front desk staff to change reservations, upgrade, or ask important questions. Then after they check-out, there’s nothing to keep your brand top-of-mind. With our hotel management software, guests can adjust their booking and chat with hotel staff right inside their own personalized guest portal. No more chasing messages across various booking sites. Decrease channel manager costs from your bottom line with our integrated platform and makes life easier for your staff in one fell swoop. 


PMS Features for Employee Experience

While there is no doubt the guest experience trumps all, we can’t forget about the people who make it all possible: your employees. A hotel is only as successful as its team, and in order to have happy staff, you need to prioritize their experience all the same. That’s why RMS’s property management software includes core features for enhancing your employee’s job satisfaction as well.

Cohesive Integrations & Data Management 

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to help a guest only to have technology hindering your ability. Your staff doesn’t need the headache or timesuck of jumping from system to system to get details for a single reservation. When transitioning to the RMS PMS for all your hotel management needs, you are viewing a single all-in-one interface. This streamlined access mitigates mistakes, frees up valuable time, and allows staff to be more efficient in management and communications both internally and externally. In addition to streamlining inter-property knowledge and communications both internally and with guests, a PMS that integrates with other tools helps to lower operational costs by consolidating expensive, unnecessary tools. 

Insightful Reporting

Because all your tools are speaking to one another and working harmoniously, you can collect important analytics you need to make efficient improvements to operations. While not all property management systems are capable of producing reports— or at the very least, customizable reports beyond a few predefined templates— the RMS PMS allows you to curate your own specific reporting. In addition, it works hand-in-hand with your marketing platform, gathering trackable data and user information for marketing and sales purposes.

24/7/365 Customer Service

It can be difficult getting to know a new platform, but not all hotel management software comes with readily available customer support. Long wait times— sometimes extending for days on end— are not acceptable when your guests need answers right now. With RMS, you have the peace of mind of knowing there’s 24/7/365 customer service if questions arise— giving you the power to keep delivering the quality attention your guests deserve. For those seeking quick answers, our Help Centre has user-friendly search functionality for instant problem-solving, without ever picking up the phone. 


Discover All the Perks of Our PMS

Are you liking what you’re seeing so far? This is just a taste of all the remarkable features and integrations within RMS’s hotel property management system.

Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to All-In-One Property Management Software ebook for more ways to improve your guest and employee experience by migrating to a better PMS. 

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