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Enhanced Guest Experience: 5 Ways To Improve the Reservation Process

As an outdoor property manager, it is crucial to effectively enhance the guest experience from the moment they find your property to booking a reservation, it is paramount your future campers have a positive experience.

Read on for five ways to improve your reservation process and enhance the camper experience with the right reservation management software.

1. Direct Booking

Direct booking gives your camper the flexibility to book on your website with the push of a button. There are several advantages to offering online direct booking that will help improve the guest experience. With direct booking you can:

  • Provide a convenient “Book Now” button to help increase your bookings.
  • Streamline the reservation process for your guests.
  • Decrease your dependency on online travel agency (OTA) platforms.
  • Create cost-effective, targeted marketing that leads guests directly to your website to make their reservations.

The Importance of an Optimized Website

Your website should be easy to navigate and optimized for mobile devices. This is critical because 57% of internet users have said they won’t suggest a business if the website is not mobile-friendly. If your website is easy to navigate on any device, your website visitors will be more likely to directly book through your website.

2. Contactless Check-In

According to the Campground Industry Analysis presented by the National Park Service, COVID-19 has increased the demand for contactless customer service experiences amongst campers.

Your campers will appreciate the convenience of contactless check-in including the ability to access their check-in details through the guest portal from any mobile device.

The guest experience is what will bring your campers back to your campground and improve your reputation. With contactless check-in, you can free up your staff’s time so they can focus on important aspects of your business such as daily operations, continuous training, and the availability to provide excellent customer service.

3. Communication

Even though campers may wish to book through your website and check-in online, you can still provide an excellent customer service experience through online communication. 

After a Reservation Is Made

After a camper has booked at your outdoor property, consider using email marketing to send a follow-up email with useful information.

Types of information to include in emails to your campers include:

  • Reservation details, such as the dates and location of their reservation.
  • A list of activities that they can participate in while staying at your campground.
  • Contact information, such as a link to a guest portal that allows them to message your staff directly.

After Their Stay

Potentially, you can use your campground reservation system to contact campers after they have left the campground. You could thank them for staying with you, ask for feedback or reviews, and even offer a discount for their next reservation. This connects you with your audience and shows them that your property understands why guest experience is important. 

4. Guest Portal

A guest portal is an effective way to allow your guests access to their reservations without calling. They can make requests, extend their stay, or reschedule their reservation at any time on their mobile device. 

Plus, you can choose what your campers will see and personalize the content to match your brand.. A guest portal may allow your campers to make secure payments and redeem points for rewards — if you choose to incorporate a loyalty program

Campers who made their reservation through the “Book Now” button may be given access to their guest portal directly from the reservation confirmation page. This streamlined process makes it easier for your guests to have a smooth reservation management experience, allowing for peace of mind.

5. Personalization

You can further delight your campers by offering upgrades or personal touches to their stay during the reservation process. This can be as simple as providing water bottles or information pamphlets upon their arrival. 

To enhance the guest experience during the reservation process, you can:

  • Use the first name of your camper in email correspondence.
  • Send  “thank you” emails upon reservation and check-in.
  • Offer a discount for repeat campers or a referral program invitation.
  • Communicate with your guests to offer events and activities information such as a bonfire night that will be happening during their stay.

These personal touches can make the difference when a camper is considering their full experience at your outdoor property. 

Improve the Guest Experience With the Right Support

Improving the experience of your guests is crucial to maximizing your reservations even during the off-season. By using your campground reservation system to its full potential, you can be there for your guests every step of the way.

Find out how your reservation management system can help enhance the guest experience at your campground or RV park, download our Operational Excellence guide to learn more.


Working smarter with a reservation management system

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