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5 Ways to Upgrade Your RV Park to Attract More Visitors

As RV Travel and camping becomes more popular, competition for visitors can come down to which park has more attractive amenities. Travel trends show that parks that invest in upgrades show an increase in revenue as well as higher ratings and online reputation scores. It's important to know your customer base, collect and respond to their feedback, and keep up with the competition. 

Here are some upgraded amenities that some campgrounds and RV parks are offering to attract more visitors:


For the road-wary traveler who has spent too many nights in an unbalanced or crowded recreational vehicle, on-site lodging can feel like a night at the Ritz. Look into opportunities to provide yurts, cabins, or even bio-domes that can be booked in advance for short or long-term stays on your property.

Having a fresh, clean pair of socks when you travel is a small, but powerful plus when you're on the road. If your facility offers laundry services or coin-operated machines, you may see an increase in visitors. They may arrive a little stinky, but they will leave happy!

While getting into nature for a hike or swim is one of the greatest forms of exercise, some travelers like to lift weights or do yoga to keep in tip top shape. Parks or campgrounds with workout equipment such as gyms, ropes courses, or circuit training machines will attract the active traveler.


As the pandemic has shifted the way business is run, more and more families are turning to remote work and becoming "digital nomads." Recreational vehicles aren't just for recreation as many are now becoming outfitting with work stations that allow travelers to earn money while on the road. If your facilities make it easier for digital nomads to conduct their business, you may become their new road office. Amenities such as strong wifi, a business center, or access to satellite or cable media are huge pluses. 


As is especially true with younger generations of travelers, encouraging sustainability while traveling is a priority. Some of the must eco-conscious adventurers will specifically look for parks or campgrounds that share their sustainability values. If your location shows pride in sustainability such as, employing solar power, having a robust recycling or compost program, and offering carbon offsets, you will increase guest satisfaction and make a positive impact on the environment at the same time. This is a true win-win.


As more and more digital nomads are taking extended trips, the length of their stay at your campground or RV park could be longer than in previous years. Hosting visitors for extended stays increases your profits, but requires some effort to keep guests entertained. The more there is to capture their attention at your park, the more likely they will have an extending visit. Some parks even hire an activity director to keep an ongoing calendar of classes, tours, and performances. Other upgrades your park could invest include a family-friendly game room, outdoor equipment rentals such as bikes and kayaks, as well as shade-covered picnic tables or cozy fire pits to help families create lasting memories. 

Pet Friendly

One of the best reasons to choose travel by car or RV is the ease with which a pet can come along for the adventure. Showcasing your location as pet-friendly will make it easier for travelers to spend their money with you. Some great ideas for increasing your pet-guest experiences are pet washing stations, a doggy watering fountain, and complimentary dog biscuits in a welcome kit.

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