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5 Tips To Make Your Campground Instagrammable

Making your campground or marina truly noteworthy is important in today’s competitive environment —  especially for first-time campers who want a “picture perfect” experience at your campground. Having an active and current online presence is key to attracting these tech-savvy travelers who want to evaluate your property before booking a reservation. Below, we’ll discuss the importance of social media and five tips for making your property not just memorable, but Instagrammable.

Social Media as a Tool To Drive Business

Although social media trends change, fade, and evolve, one thing is certain: social media isn’t going anywhere. In fact, 82% of the U.S. population used social media in some form in 2021, with no signs of decreasing usage. With such an overwhelming percentage of social media users, there is an opportunity for outdoor properties to increase their brand awareness through various social media channels.  

However, increasing your presence across all social media channels may not allow you to focus your marketing efforts. While having active Facebook and Twitter business accounts can get your outdoor property noticed, it may be worthwhile to make your online audience feel as if they are at your campground through a visual-oriented social media channel: Instagram.

Tips To Make Your Campground Instagrammable

Before you make your campground ready for Instagram, make sure you have created an Instagram account and converted it into a business account. When you start making posts and interacting with the online community, remember to maintain the level of professionalism that matches your staff and property. Respond to questions and comments, and use a positive outlook to convert Instagram browsers to loyal customers.

1. Pick a Recurring Theme

You can give your visitors something to photograph by picking a theme and using it throughout your property. Are there colors that are unique to your brand? Is your business persona loud and vibrant or muted and relaxed? When you make your branding clear and consistent, you make your property memorable and fun to photograph.

If feasible for your property, consider creating an Instagrammable spot at your campsite. This could be an interesting wall or a rest stop on a trail that has a nice view where guests would be excited to take their photos. 

2. Consider Artwork, Texture, and Depth in Frame

Not only do you want your campsite to look photogenic so your campers can take photos and truly enjoy their surroundings, but you’ll also want to spruce up your campsite so you can show off your outdoor property.

Consider using items, such as a canoe or a hammock, to perfect the way you want to show off your property. Help your Instagram followers picture the opportunities for both adventure and relaxation available at your property. 

You can use photography basics, such as creating a focal point using a well-built fire pit, to bring the attractiveness of your campsite to the next level. Staging your photos should represent a realistic, appealing atmosphere for your Instagram photos. 

Although altering your campsite beyond recognition through photo editing software would be a detriment to your reputation, you can use software to help with lighting and other aesthetics so you can post quality images.

3. Declutter and Beautify

Before taking pictures, make sure the area is clear of trash and debris. Depending on what parts of your property you choose to photograph, you may wish to consider landscaping. For example, an RV with unique, colorful graffiti art would make a great background for photos.   

While first-time campers and veteran campers will appreciate conveniently located trash cans, you can move those and other less visually appealing components from your staged area to take photographs. However, once you are finished with the photoshoot, remember to replace any items that were moved.

4. If It’s in the Budget, Hire a Photographer

Hiring a photographer to take professional photos means less work on your end. Many professional photographers offer to help stage the area and will utilize their skills to highlight the best features your property has to offer. 

If you are able to hire a photographer, make sure you have the ability to share these professional photos across social media and your website. By including fun captions and descriptions of the shots, you may entice first-time campers into booking a reservation.

5. Be Authentic

Your brand should reflect what your business is about across all forms of communication from printed flyers to online channels, including Instagram

Make sure any photos you share are an honest reflection of your outdoor property. Select a hashtag unique to your property that visitors can use when they post photos from their stay and creates an opportunity to get exposure through reposts on the campground’s page. 

Keep your Highlights — a reel of your Instagram stories which appears above your photo gallery — well-rounded and engaging. Instagram users who browse your page may be on the lookout for first camping trip ideas and tips. Something as simple as a map of your property within your photo gallery could be what prompts someone to book a reservation.  

Smart Marketing Increases Revenue

Although making your property stand out is important, it’s nearly impossible without effective marketing. Making your campsite Instagrammable shows potential visitors the great experience they can expect when they book a reservation. 

To reach your goals as a property owner or manager, you’ll want to implement the use of Instagram and other industry trends through your marketing strategies to reach your audience. 

To discover how to increase your bookings and grow customer loyalty, watch the Campground Marketing Best Practices webinar today.  


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