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5 Hospitality Tech Trends You’ll Want to Explore

Technology plays a key role in most hospitality businesses, from drawing visitors to your website to managing reservations and personalizing the guest experience. While WiFi and flat screen TVs in every room are nice, today’s travelers expect more. Tech-savvy Millennials are accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it, often at the touch of a button. New technology can help hotels deliver on these expectations by providing convenient, personalized experiences for guests.

Take a look at these five tech trends that can enhance your property and increase guest satisfaction.

1. Self Service

As more people begin to prefer self-driven experiences over human interaction, technology is changing the way guests book reservations, check in and out and manage preferences. Internet booking engines are now the norm for many hotels, while others are taking it a step further and focusing on mobile and self check-infor guests on a variety of devices, with options including passport scanning, payment gateways and print options on any device. These self-service solutions help hotels free up staff time to focus on customer service.

2. Instant Communication

Many hotels are implementing and utilizing communication tools integrated into their property management system (PMS) to streamline communications. Software that allows hotels to send SMS messages is a quick and easy way to provide information, from deposit due reminders, emergency alerts, and special rate offers to text messages welcoming guests to the property or thanking them for their stay. A guest portal with a built-in message center also allows guests to send instant communications to, and receive instant communications from, front of house staff. Be sure to take advantage of all of the options available to your property within your existing technology to enhance communication with guests.

3. Personalization

Hotels can now gather the necessary data to provide a personalized experience for each individual guest. Hotels using a robust PMS have the upperhand in making their guests' stays as unique as possible, with multiple options for personalization. Hotels that offer a guest portal can let guests customize their profile and preferences, and receive valuable information such as if the guest is celebrating a special occasion, has any allergies, is interested in participating in certain onsite activities or needs transportation during their stay. Offering a variety of options to accommodate personal wants and needs lets guests know that their experience matters to your property.

4. Tech Lounges

Most hotels have business areas where guests can enjoy complimentary WiFi and access a printer and scanner, but now this convenience is evolving to meet the expectations of a more connected clientele. High-tech lounges not only have dependable wireless internet and other business amenities, but offer an inviting atmosphere. Typical features of these new work spaces include sleek, comfortable seating for socializing and brainstorming, separate work stations for privacy, high performance laptops, large TV screens, and access to coffee, snacks or even a light menu. Some lounges elevate the experience even more by adding gaming consoles and classic video games, creating a tech entertainment center that greatly appeals to Millennials.

5. In-Room Technology

In-room technology is also evolving, as guests expect features and conveniences similar to those they have at home. Hotels are increasingly placing smart speakers that connect to AI assistants like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant in hotel rooms. While this is no small undertaking, it has the potential to be a game changer for guest experiences. Guests can wake up and ask their voice assistant for the news and weather, verbally turn off their alarm, open the shades, turn on the lights, change the room temperature and more without lifting a finger in rooms that are equipped with smart controls. Smart TVs are another item hotels are beginning to place in rooms, providing guests the ability to stream their favorite shows, videos and music and making their stay that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Interested in learning more about the hospitality industry’s continuing tech revolution? Contact us today to see how RMS can help your property take advantage of the latest hotel tech trends.

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