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4 Ways a Reservation System Can Improve Your Campground's Website

In order for your outdoor property to be competitive in the industry, your business needs a positive online presence. While there are several reasons your campground needs a well-designed website, reaching potential campers and providing a professional first impression is the most important, as it is the key to increasing your reservations and obtaining a high return on investment (ROI). 

Some small additions to your website, like links to your social media pages, can help your audience understand your campground better. However, the functionality of your website also plays a critical role in the user experience. Utilizing your campground reservation system to increase the efficiency of your website is an important step on the road to campground management success.

Here are a few ways a reservation management system can help improve your campground’s website and enhance the guest experience.

1. Increase Your Campground Website Traffic

The more website visitors you have, the more opportunities you have to entice a new camper to your physical location. Having direct booking as an option may attract additional traffic and is a convenient way for your campers to book their stay. 

A reputable reservation management system should have an internet booking engine (IBE) that allows your campground to accept bookings in real-time. This could be in the form of a “Book Now” button that can be added to your website. 

Having the ability to book with you without having to call, go through longer processes online, or utilize OTAs may help improve the experience. Additionally, boosting your direct bookings can play a role in reducing your reliance on Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s), meaning less external fees on your end.

2. Retain Valuable Customer Data

Integrating your reservation management system with your website allows you to securely retain and store personal information about your customers such as their contact information and how often they have booked at your campground.

You can use this data for future communications like a direct messaging system or email marketing to boost your customer service and gain customer loyalty.

3. Allow Visitors To Access Real-Time Insights

On your website, campers may look for the latest information about your booking availability so they can make their travel plans. Dynamic pricing gives your guests accurate rates for the season. 

When a reservation management system has a dynamic pricing feature, you can set perimeters for your pricing that will automatically update to give your campers the correct pricing information every time. You can also include discount rates for extended stays and other promotions within your dynamic pricing guidelines.

Campground website visitors will appreciate up-front pricing information and the opportunity to take advantage of discounts when available.

4. Improve the Reputation of Your Campground

If you can integrate reviews from your reservation management system onto your website, online visitors will have the opportunity to see what your campers have to say about your property. 

In a 2021 BrightLocal study, 77% of consumers regularly searched for reviews when searching local businesses online. Potential campers will want to know what to expect before booking with you. Positive reviews on your website help increase your campground’s reputation, attract new campers, and build loyalty with current campers. 

If your software allows you to send a message to your campers asking for a review — and potentially offering a discount — you can utilize this feature of your campground reservation system to increase the reputation of your outdoor property.

Need More Tips on How To Improve Your Website?

A reservation management system tailored to your needs can help take your website to the next level and maximize bookings. 

RMS is here to help you learn ins and outs of:

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