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4 Reasons to Offer Glamping At Your Campground

While camping is not a new trend, glamping is a more recent activity taken up by travelers of all ages. Its popularity has made it a trend campground managers can no longer afford to ignore.

Below, we’ll explore what glamping is, why your campground needs to offer it, and how this camping trend can make your campground a premier destination.


What Is Glamping?


Glamping, or glamorous camping, is the term for camping with added luxury and comfort. It typically includes modern amenities like electricity, running water, and full bathrooms, but glamping accommodation styles are varied. Permanent structures, such as cabins, cottages, pods, and barns, often provide insulated protection from the weather. Requiring a lower investment, luxury tents, yurts, or geodesic domes are often a preferred choice by campgrounds who wish to expand on their current offerings. 

Regardless of the type of accommodation, glampers often enjoy:

  • Beds with luxurious linens
  • Indoor and outdoor fireplaces
  • Climate control as appropriate
  • Spa-like amenities such as saunas or hot tubs

However, that doesn’t mean that glamping is more similar to a hotel or resort stay. Instead, it aims to achieve a balance between comfort and the outdoors.

After a long day of outdoor activities and enjoying everything your campground has to offer, glamping provides your guests with relaxing accommodations that feature the comforts of home.


4 Reasons to Provide Glamping


1. The Market Demand Is Increasing

The glamping market is expected to exceed $10.6 billion by 2032. The US market alone is projected to generate close to $1 billion in sales by 2024. Over the following ten years, it is anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.9%.

Additionally, in a 2023 RMS survey where campers were asked how they like to camp, the results showed that 36.4% of them chose glamping. This marks it as the most popular form of camping for 2023 and potentially beyond.

When further divided by generation, the up-and-coming Gen Z generation was more likely to prefer glamping than any other age demographic. 


2. Convenience for Your Campers

Campers sometimes want a break from sleeping bags and tents or even want to lighten the load they pack before their trip. They are even willing to pay more for this luxury, which offers convenience to your campers and increases your bottom line. 

Glamping is the solution, offering more flexibility and options. By providing more ways to camp at your campground, you can reach a new, growing market segment outside of your typical guest.

For campers, glamping is a great way to scratch the camping itch while receiving a comfortable lodging experience. As a result, this camping trend serves as the convenient middle ground that your campers will appreciate while also giving you more opportunities for growth and profitability


3. Glamping Is a Year-round Trend

For campgrounds that want to operate and bring in business at any point during the year, glamping can extend your typical season.

While traditional tent camping may not be ideal for extremely cold or hot weather, there are a wide variety of glamping accommodations available for your campground depending on your location and climate. This ensures you can maintain a consistent inflow of guests year-round.

For campgrounds in cooler climates, well-insulated accommodations like glamping pods are extremely resistant to cold weather and can be fitted with extensive features based on your preferences. 

For campgrounds that experience warmer temperatures throughout the year,, luxury domes, tents, yurts, and tipis offer plenty of airflow and cross ventilation to help keep guests cool.

These different glamping options give you the opportunity to find the perfect accommodations for your particular climate and campground. Doing so will not only personalize your campground but also provide year-round experiences at your property. 


4. Glamping Is Easy to Implement

If you are currently operating a campground, you’ve most likely already handled the most difficult part of the process: acquiring and zoning the land and establishing necessary utilities. Additionally, the material costs to begin the implementation process are relatively low. 

In addition to onsite features, if you already have a website and marketing channels in place for your campground, you already have an established audience to market your glampsites to. As a result of this simplicity, glamping is relatively easy to implement at your property.  


Embrace Glamping and Other Top Trends


Glamping is a popular trend among several generations, but it’s only one of many trends your campground needs to meet.

In the hospitality industry, campgrounds need to stay up to date with these shifting industry and traveler trends. Set your campground up for success, now and for the future, by downloading the free RMS 2023 State of the Industry Report.


State of the Industry Report

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