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Simplify Rate Management with Derived Rates 


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Below are the question and answers from both sessions of the webinar.

Q. Can you have different deposit amounts for in house (RMS) vs OTA’s?

A. RMS allows for a separate online deposit rule from the House (RMS) deposit rules. The House Deposits can be applied on the Rate Types and the Online Deposit can be configured in the Online Booking Options.

Q. How do you set up tiered AAA rates, for example, that have different discount amounts at different times through the season? 5% during peak season or 10% during off peak.

A. Varying percentage adjustment derived rates can be configured by creating a Derived Rate at one adjustment amount (5%) for both the Peak and Off Peak Seasons, then an additional adjustment can be added through the Control Panel > Rate Adjustment feature to obtain the correct adjustment amount for the Off Peak Season.

Q. In regards to members only rates, and what that looks like in the IBE for the user?

A. There are a few ways to expose selective, or hidden rates for Internet Booking Engine (IBE) guests; Promo Codes and IBE URL Modifiers being the two most common. Please watch for an email invitation to our Tailoring your RMS Internet Booking Engine (IBE) Webinar airing April 29th and 30th, where both methods will be reviewed.

Q. If all of my rates are extended stays do I need to change them to nightly rates to use Derived rates?

A. Maximum night stay restrictions can be applied on the Rate Type to remove the Weekly and Monthly rates from being quoted; however, we would recommend changing existing rate tables to the Nightly Format for the best rate management.

Q. If you want to create a package i.e 2 night cabin stay + waterpark ticket + shuttle would you create this in derived rate and add the tickets under package tab? Absolutely! If you need any assistance with configuring packaged rates, please reach out to the RMS Support Team to schedule a Training Session.

Thanks for attending our Derived Rates webinar! For any additional questions, please reach out to the RMS support team at or 858.427.1200.



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